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Camel wool

 camel wool

   Camel wool is one of the most exclusive materials in the textile industry. Even though camel wool is lighter than merino wool, it is also stronger. This feature makes camel wool bedding more durable than the one of other wools. Camel wool has a high lanolin content, which makes it particularly resistant to dirt and moisture – due to this camel wool bedding has excellent longevity as well as splendid heat and moisture regulation. Such properties are significant for a healthy body and skin.

  The quality of wool is certified with strict Oeko-Tex standards, which ensures that all components, with no exclusions, fully meet all quality criteria. We can ensure that all products of Royal Dream collection do not cause any harm effects and are suitable for children and adults. Royal Dream proves the authenticity of products with valid certificates and ensures their customers 100% natural wool products.

 woolmark and Oeko-Tex standards


anti bacterialContains lanolin, which covers each and every millimetre of the product, kills bacteria, mites and has excellent thermal insulation features.
healthy blood circulationThe effect of wool micro-massage will ensure healthy blood circulation and unwanted pain release.
neutralises positive ionsNeutralises positive ions and positively affects nervous system.
anti allergicAnti-allergic.
absorbs moistureAbsorbs moisture.
keeps body in even temperatureKeeps body in even temperature.
allows air circulationAllows air circulation.
can be used every seasonCan be used every season.
returns to natural shapeAlways returns to natural shape.