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cashmere wool features


  Cashmere wool is especially valued in the world due to its softness and silky shine, it is very light and warm. It comes from the soft undercoat of goats bred specifically to produce this wool. Cashmere wool is of high cost due to the low amount of material that can be produced from one sheep. Products with cashmere wool are soft and durable. Despite its light weight, the high-quality cashmere wool can be up to eight times warmer than the wool of other sheep – it is the most suitable for those who get cold during the winter nights. Cashmere wool bedding ensures warm, heavenly sleep and makes you feel like royalty.

  The quality of wool is certified with strict Oeko-Tex standards, which ensures that all components, with no exclusions, fully meet all quality criteria. We can ensure that all products of Royal Dream collection do not cause any harm effects and are suitable for children and adults. Royal Dream proves the authenticity of products with valid certificates and ensures their customers 100% natural wool products.
woolmark pure new wool             Oeko-Tex Standart



anti bacterialContains lanolin, which covers each and every millimetre of the product, kills bacteria, mites and has excellent thermal insulation features.
healthy blood circulationThe effect of wool micro-massage will ensure healthy blood circulation and unwanted pain release.
neutralises positive ionsNeutralises positive ions and positively affects nervous system.
anti allergicAnti-allergic.
absorbs moistureAbsorbs moisture.
keeps body in even temperatureKeeps body in even temperature.
allows air circulationAllows air circulation.
can be used every seasonCan be used every season.
returns to natural shapeAlways returns to natural shape.