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Cashmere kids bedding set Natural

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The highest level of luxury bedding set, for your most precious gem, made of natural cashmere. Light yet thick cashmere ensures that child skin is freely breathing, safe from allergens, feeling neither too hot nor too chilly. Soft and plush – a perfect place for dreams.


Pillow  30cm x 50cm, Pillow - Cover come off

Quilt  100cm x 125cm

Mattress Cover  60cm x 120cm, cashmere on one side and microfiber on the other

Composition: 100% cashmere

Density: 700 g/m2

Washing instructions: can be machine washable at 30°C on wool cycle, using wool detergents. Gently drain, do not spin-dry.

  • Absorbs moisture
    Absorbs moisture
  • micro-massage
    The effect of wool micro-massage will ensure
    healthy blood circulation and unwanted pain release
  • Neutralises positive
    Neutralises positive ions and
    positively affects nervous system
  • lanolin
    Contains lanolin, which covers each and
    every millimeter of the product,
    kills bateria, mites and has excelent
    thermal insulation features
  • Always returns to natural shape
    Always returns to natural shape
  • Anti-allergic
  • Allows air circulation
    Allows air circulation
  • temperature
    Keeps body in even temperature
  • Can be used every season
    Can be used every season
  • Can be used every season