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Merino wool pillow Cappuccino + Chocolate

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Natural merino wool pillow is a luxurious comfort for the best night's sleep. The most relaxing surface to place your head on after a long day. It ensures even temperature, absorbs and evaporates the moisture – so you can enjoy a deep sleep rest, uninterrupted by any uncomfortable sensations. The top cover has a zipper and is easily removed for washing.

Colour Cappuccino on one side and Chocolate on the other side
Composition: merino wool
Density: 450 g/m2
Washing instructions: can be machine washable at 30°C on wool cycle, using wool detergents. Gently drain, do not spin-dry.
  • Absorbs moisture
    Absorbs moisture
  • micro-massage
    The effect of wool micro-massage will ensure
    healthy blood circulation and unwanted pain release
  • Neutralises positive
    Neutralises positive ions and
    positively affects nervous system
  • lanolin
    Contains lanolin, which covers each and
    every millimeter of the product,
    kills bateria, mites and has excelent
    thermal insulation features
  • Always returns to natural shape
    Always returns to natural shape
  • Anti-allergic
  • Allows air circulation
    Allows air circulation
  • temperature
    Keeps body in even temperature
  • Can be used every season
    Can be used every season